Aug 30, 2011


A Bag of Hammers—Saturday, 12:45, Carver Theatre Given the title of this film, one might think viewers were in for some violence-laden mafia flick, but the opposite couldn’t be truer. The film, directed by Brian Crano, begins as an off-the-wall buddy comedy about two itinerant, small-time con-men. It’s all snarky dialogue at first, but just when the film has you laughing, it socks you with a surprisingly sentimental core. Forced to deal with the all-too real lives of the collapsing family next door, the two hucksters find their own comfortable existence changing in unexpected ways. It’s a rare film that can make you honestly laugh and cry in the same sitting, but the performances by almost every lead in Bag of Hammers is superb, and tilt this film from good to great. SG